To keep my XDCC bots and seedbox alive, I pay about $40 per month, so if you want to help me out, you can. Any donation is fine btw. You can donate to the following link below:


* Lots of links dead? Try clicking the MEGA, Depositfiles, Usersfiles, and XDCC links and a little bit of CTRL+F to find what you're looking for. Those links still works.

* I don't have an ETA of when I'm going to build a newer site of the Tsukuyomi Project and The Society Scansubs because of lots of mangas left scanning and more than 750 doujins left to upload to nyaa, but I guarantee these will still happen before this year ends!

* Less is more....hopefully less loading time in this place. If you're looking for certain cons, authors, etc., they're in the Authors tab, shopping and file folder links in Links, and the rest of the shit in the first two.